Taj Frozen Foods India Ltd.

The professional and ambitious new generation is on the fast track, striving for the best time management. Taj Frozen Foods India Ltd. (TFFIL) empowers them with convenient food solutions.

TFFIL has a range of Frozen Heat N Eat Parathas and Snacks items. Our chefs work round the clock to ensure that the customers enjoy the traditional homemade taste in a healthy manner. The company uses hightech machines like Individual Quick Freezer (IQF), Blast Freezer and Plate Freezers for preserving the nutritional value of food products in a natural way without adding any chemical preservatives.

TFFIL is instrumental in providing Frozen Indian Ethnic Vegetables which are expertly selected for its tenderness and flavor are processed using latest freezing technique. These Frozen Products can hold their nutritional values for two years if stored at -18°C/0°F or below. In a way enhancing the life of Mother Nature’s nutritious gift and allowing mankind to enjoy the goodness of this gift the whole year round.

TFFIL has set very high standards for its products and has brought a new look to Authentic Asian Food.

Samosa Processing at Taj Foods india Factory